Poha (Red)

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Soak 10-15 mins before cooking.

Made from Naturally Grown Red Rice: Our Red Poha is crafted from rice that is naturally grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. It’s a wholesome breakfast and cooking staple made from pure, unadulterated ingredients.

Light and Fluffy: Our Red Poha is processed to achieve a light and fluffy texture, making it easy to cook and a delightful addition to your meals.

Versatile Ingredient: Red Poha is a versatile ingredient in Indian cuisine, perfect for preparing dishes like Poha Upma, snacks, and a variety of traditional recipes. Its neutral flavor allows it to absorb the delicious flavors of your chosen spices and ingredients.

Quick and Healthy: Red Poha is a quick-cooking option, ideal for busy mornings or when you need a nutritious meal in a hurry. It’s also naturally gluten-free, making it suitable for those with dietary sensitivities.

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