Tur Dal Oiled

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Split and Skinned of Desi Toovar Seed: Our Tur Dal Oiled is crafted from the split and skinned variety of Desi Toovar seeds, maintaining the authenticity of this essential Indian pulse.

Unpolished: We take pride in offering unpolished Tur Dal Oiled, ensuring it retains its natural goodness and dietary fiber content for maximum nutrition and flavor.

Preserved Using Cold-Pressed Castor Oil: To enhance its preservation naturally, we use cold-pressed castor oil. This not only keeps the dal fresh but also contributes to its digestive-friendliness.

Experience the wholesome and digestive benefits of Purean Natural’s Oiled Tur Dal . Whether you use it in traditional Indian dishes or as part of your balanced diet, it’s a nutritious and carefully preserved ingredient that supports your well-being and culinary delight.

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