Tikha Chilli Powder


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Very Spicy: Our Tikha Chilli Powder is crafted for those who crave intense spiciness in their dishes. It delivers a fiery kick that adds excitement to your culinary creations.

Seed and Stem-Free: Our organic chili powder is meticulously crafted without seeds and stems, delivering the pure flavor you crave without any unwanted texture. Unlike some local store options, our chili powder is all about the true essence of heat.

Holistic Farming: We are committed to Holistic farming practices, ensuring that our chilies are grown in harmony with nature. This not only results in a superior product but also supports sustainable agriculture.

Agnihotra Yagya Inspired: Our chili powder production is inspired by Agnihotra Yagya, a sacred fire ritual. This spiritual influence infuses our product with positive energy, adding a unique dimension to your culinary creations.

No Preservatives, No Colors: You won’t find any artificial preservatives or colors in our organic chili powder. It’s pure, unadulterated spice that enhances the flavor of your dishes without compromising your health.

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