Garlic Dry Chutney (Lehsun Podi)

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Fresh Harvest Handmade Dry Garlic Chutney lehsun podi | Vadapav Chutney Powder | Ideal with idli and dosa

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✅  Delicious and versatile Dry Chutney: Our Garlic Dry Chutney is a flavor-packed that adds a taste to your favorite dishes.

✅  Handcrafted perfection: Made with care and expertise, Fresh Harvest dry garlic chutney is crafted using premium quality garlic and a unique blend of aromatic Indian spices.

✅  Quick and easy to use: Sprinkle our Dry Garlic Chutney over roasted vegetables, grilled meats, sandwiches or even use it as a seasoning for popcorn, and enjoy instant flavor enhancement.

✅  Authentic Indian flavor Chutney Podi : Indulge in the authentic taste of India our dry lehsun podi, inspired by My Mother’s recipes and made with high-quality ingredients.

✅  Vadapav Chutney Powder – Garlic Dry Chutney is a popular condiment in Indian cusine, especially when it comes to enhancing the flavors of vadapav, a delicious street food snack.

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Hand-Pounded Perfection: Our Garlic Dry Chutney is meticulously hand-pounded to perfection, ensuring an authentic and traditional taste in every bite.

Premium Ingredients: Crafted from premium garlic cloves, red chilli, and salt, this chutney is a flavorful blend that captures the essence of traditional culinary excellence.

Robust Garlic Flavor: Immerse your senses in the robust and aromatic flavor of garlic, enhancing the overall taste profile and making it a versatile accompaniment for various dishes.

Versatile Condiment: Elevate your meals with the versatile charm of this chutney. It pairs exceptionally well with a range of dishes, adding a delightful kick to your culinary creations.

Preservative-Free: Enjoy the purity of flavors without any additives. Our Garlic Dry Chutney is crafted with care, free from preservatives, delivering a natural and wholesome culinary experience.

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